DigAct Network

Digital Activism(s) Network (DigAct)

Digital media potentially allowing global connectivity contribute to important shifts in the spatial and temporal configurations of protest and social movements. However, the usage of digital media for mobilization, organization, and identification remains strongly anchored in local political and cultural contexts contributing to the emergence of a diverse set of digital media practices. At the same time, digital activism remains a fuzzy term that encompasses all kinds of political engagement ranging from discursive forms of hashtag activism to data activism, including denial-of-service attacks. The DigAct Network aims to explore this multiplicity of activisms engaging digital media for their purposes. In doing so, the network brings together established and emerging scholars of the field studying regional variations of digital activism in China, Scandinavia, Russia, and the United States, while applying a broad understanding of digital media and activism. It encompasses digital media beyond online social media such as mobile phones and open source software and relates them back to their predecessors in order to capture the changing affordances for activism over time. At the same time, the activisms explored range from media activism targeting media infrastructures and institutions itself to mediated activism employing different media platforms to promote their causes.

The network revolves around a series of workshops throughout the project period 2015-2018 organized by the partner institutions Södertörn University, Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, Roskilde University and Peking University. The founding members are:

Linus Andersson (HU), Rosemary Clark (UPenn), Katerina Girginova (UPenn), Sandra González-Bailón (UPenn), Kecheng Fang (Upenn), Anne Kaun (SH), Yifeng Lu (Peking U), Monroe Price (UPenn), Maria Repnikova (UPenn), Jenny Sundén (SH), Julie Uldam (RUC), Julia Velkova (SH), Guobin Yang (UPenn)

For more information about the DigAct Network, its ongoing projects, and future workshops, please contact Anne Kaun (anne.kaun@sh.se).