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A Conversation between Anita Hill and Kimberle Crenshaw, moderated by Dorothy Roberts

By Jessa Lingel When they first hatched the idea for the event, the organizers of last night’s Conversation between Kimberlé Crenshaw and Anita Hill didn’t know how timely it would be, coming on the heels of eerily familiar testimony from a woman about a sexual predator nominated – and eventually confirmed – to the Supreme […]

Media, techno-political action & social justice symposium: A partial reader

Along with some of my favorite Annenberg doc students and alums, I headed to Rutgers for a symposium called Media, Techno-political Action and Social Justice.  There were a lot of really terrific speakers there, presenting work on social movements, digital culture and media making. I found myself taking lots of notes during the talks, and […]

Media provocations: Notes from SummerCulture in Vancouver

This year’s SummerCulture is taking place in Vancouver, where we’ve been lucky to have a number of really fascinating conversations with activists, academics and journalists about media, both as an industry and a cultural form. Here are some shout outs for people doing work that I found mindblowingly inspiring for feminism, activism and social justice. We met Minelle […]

When old technologies were heavy

The closing scene of Touch of Evil is less famous than its extended, single-shot opening counterpart, but for people interested in ethics of surveillance, it is much more provocative. The movie (infamous both for its squirm-inducingly racist casting and its long editorial battle between the studio and director Orson Welles) closes with good cop Mike […]

John Jackson on Love as a Form of Politics

Last week, I watched John Jackson give a very moving talk as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Signature Program at Penn, with Philadelphia’s only black-owned talk radio station, WURD, recording the talk. He began by reading from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, and for the record, I would pay good money to have an […]

Ruha Benjamin and Activist Approaches to STS

Sometimes you go to a talk just because the title is so great, which was the case with Ruha Benjamin’s recent presentation through Drexel’s Center for Science Technology & Society: Star Trek Meets the Black Panthers: Experimenting with Science and Technology Studies In and Outside the Academy. The talk was rooted in thinking about connections […]