Recent Publications on Activism, Communication, and Social Justice

As the November 1 deadline for submitting papers to the 2018 ICA conference approaches, we are receiving queries about what kind of papers and panel proposals might fall under the mission of the new ICA Activism, Communication, and Social Justice (ACSJ) Interest Group, beyond the topics listed under the ACSJ call for papers. Defining this will be an ongoing, collective conversation involving all interested scholars, but one way of starting a conversation might be to take a look at recent publications of relevance. Below is such a sample list, limited only to works published in 2017. As you will see, even a short list such as this shows the rich and broad range of research going on out there. This list includes articles on American feminist media activism and digital activism in Greece, Italy, Russia and South Korea as well as works on revolutionary public spheres in the Arab world and contention, memory and resistance in China.  Several articles tackle conceptual issues in the study of digital activism (Gerbaudo, 2017; Kaun, 2017) and media activism (Pickard and Yang, 2017, “Introduction”).  An article on autocritography (Johnson, 2017) details critical personal reflections of a communication scholar in the wake of the Ferguson protests in 2014.  Also included is a historical study of radical cinema politics in the 1960s, if only to signal the importance of historical analyses. Finally, an encyclopedia essay on “Activist Media” is included for its reference value. You are most welcome to email me entries you think I should add.

Activism, Communication, and Social Justice: A Sample List of Publications in 2017

Clark-Parsons, R. (2017). Building a digital girl army: The cultivation of feminist safe spaces online. New Media & Society. OnlineFirst,

Clark, R., Erdener, J., Ferrari, E., & Yang, G. (2017). Activist media. In P. Moy (Ed.), Oxford bibliographies in communication.

Ferrari, E. (2017) Fake accounts, real activism: Political faking and user-generated satire as activist intervention. New Media & Society. OnlineFirst,

Gerbaudo P (2017) From cyber-autonomism to cyber-populism: an ideological history of digital activism. Triplec: Communication, Capitalism & Critique 15(2): 478–491.

Halle, R. (2017). Xscreen 1968: material film aesthetics and radical cinema politics. The Sixties, 10(1), 10–25.

Han, E. L. (2017). Journalism and mnemonic practices in Chinese social media: Remembering catastrophic events on Weibo. Memory Studies,

Johnson, A. L. (2017). From Academe, to the Theatre, to the Streets: My Autocritography of Aesthetic Cleansing and Canonical Exception in the Wake of Ferguson. Qualitative Inquiry, 1077800416684869.

Kang, J. (2017). Internet activism transforming street politics: South Korea’s 2008 “Mad Cow” protests and new democratic sensibilities. Media, Culture & Society, 39(5), 750–761.

Kaun, A. (2017) Digital activism: After the hype. New Media & Society.  OnlineFirst, DOI: 10.1177/1461444817731924

Kraidy, M. M., & Krikorian, M. R. (2017). The revolutionary public sphere: The case of the Arab uprisings. Communication and the Public, 2(2), 111–119.

Lingel, J. (2017) Digital Countercultures and the Struggle for Community. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Liu, J. (2017). From “moments of madness” to “the politics of mundanity” – researching digital media and contentious collective actions in China. Social Movement Studies, 16(4), 418–432.

Pickard, V. & Yang, G. (eds.) (2017) Media Activism in the Digital Age. London: Routledge.

Toepfl, F. (2017). From connective to collective action: internet elections as a digital tool to centralize and formalize protest in Russia. Information, Communication & Society, 0(0), 1–17.

Treré E, Jeppesen S and Mattoni A (2017) Comparing digital protest media imaginaries: anti-austerity movements in Greece, Italy & Spain. Triplec: Communication, Capitalism & Critique 15(2): 405–424.

Uldam, J. (2017). Social media visibility: challenges to activism. Media, Culture & Society.

Guobin Yang, Grace Lee Boggs Professor of Communication and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

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